Why systems are more important than goals

I found a really interesting video on Youtube that suggests that we should forget about setting goals and focus on setting up systems or processes. This is a pretty good idea and involves key points:

1.  By setting a goal, you make yourself depressed because it reminds you that you are not currently at your goal

2. By setting a goal you have to wait patiently for a period of time until you eventually achieve your goal.

3. You are assuming that you can control all of the situations and outside influences that may occur on the way to your goal.

4. Can you even form your goal adequately from where you are now?   Maybe the goal is unrealistic or not really worth the price of achieving it.

5. What happens when you achieve your goal?  Will you feel flat and unmotivated and slip backwards to being fat again (yo-yo dieting).

Here is the video:

So how would we apply this to our weight loss plans?

I would retain the goals as a beacon of direction of where you want to go, but try to focus more on the system of how you are losing the weight.   For example if we use the analogy of a journey from Melbourne to Sydney.   You need to know what the goal is, because you do eventually want to arrive in Sydney.

But the system is to have a well maintained car, enough money for fuel, good music to play on the j0urney and to enjoy the drive.   That way the enjoyment starts even before the journey begins with the expectations of a good trip.    Then once the journey is underway, there are ongoing positive vibes coming back as each kilometre or mile is covered and significant milestones are passed.

So the main goal or objective for anyone following the Ratchet Diet is to achieve a waist to height ration of 0.5.

There is no real target weight as such, because its not really possible to know what weight you will be when you achieve that ratio.    If you are fit and strong you will probably weigh a lot more than your unfit friends at the same waist to height ratio, because your body is composed of more muscle which is heavier than fat.

There will also be significant variations in results due to the different levels of bone density and water retention between different individuals.

You will even find these variations applying to yourself at different stages of you life due to age or level of physical activity.   That is one of the reasons that you cant just pluck an arbitrary weight target out of thin air based upon what you might have weighed when you were a teenager or young adult.

So the big clue is to install the systems that will take you to your end goal, but do that in such a way that you get immediate positive feed back from day one.

Change your diet to healthy foods, manage the volume of food  being eaten, start doing the occasional part and full day fasts.   These activities that will be part of your overall system.

The beauty of a system is that it  can be started immediately and gives you an immediate feeling of success and achievement.

The goal will come, but it will be more of a confirmation that yo9ur systems are solid and that you are on the right track for life.



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