Who are the men who made us thin (And did they succeed at making us thin?)

As more and more people got fat, business and individual opportunists saw an opportunity to make big bucks “helping” us to get thin.     To get to the bottom of this phenomenon  Jacques Peretti investigated the connections between obesity and weight loss, and took his roving mike and camera to confront some of the men making a fortune from our desire to become thin.

In a four-part BBC series, Jacques examined the scientific reasons why so many diets failed in the long-term (and in some cases the short term) and why, even when they do fail, we go back to them time and time again.

He speaks to a former director of Weight Watchers, who admits that customer failure was a significant factor in the company’s profits: people have to keep coming back.  He also  meets other industry leaders, including the Slimfast billionaire Danny Abrahams and Pierre Dukan, of the Dukan diet, to question them about the strategy behind the fortunes they’ve made.

A very informative and entertaining series.   Definitely worth a look.




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