What’s Inside my Beer Belly?

Hi, Hans Ratzenburger here with another one of my posts on diet and weight loss.

This will be a fairly brief post because its really just a platform for posting a few useful videos about the scourge of the Beer Belly.

Of course the name “Beer Belly” is a bit of a misnomer because not everyone who drinks beer gets a beer belly and plenty of non-drinkers end up with a beer belly.

Any kind of calories can increase your belly fat.

Foods such as sugary beverages and oversized portions of any type of food will increase your belly fat.  But alcohol does not get a clean pass on this.   It is well understood within the medical profession that alcohol intake is associated with bigger waists.

The reason for that is because when you drink alcohol, your liver will burn alcohol instead of fat.    That means that when you drink alcohol regularly the alcohol will be providing your energy and your food will be stored as fat.

Even if you cut back on food and kept drinking you wont lose much weight because your liver will be busy processing all the alcohol and wont have any time or energy to burn up your fat stores.

Here is a handy video that describes the gut or beer belly.

And another useful video that looks inside a piss head while he is drinking lager in his local pub.

This is a seriously useful video that tells us how to burn that pesky fat off.

And if you just want to lose a bit of bloat fat to make yourself look a bit better then watch this woman in action. Warning she talks really, really fast.

I just found this video. Its too good to leave out.

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