What would Doctor Rothman Say?

One of the best things about being a diet guru like myself is that I get to learn from the wisdom of the other diet gurus. As a famous man once said, I get to “Stand on the shoulders of giants”. one of those giants is Doctor Michael Rothman. This guy is a kick-ass nutritionist from New York who tells it like it is and does not pull any punches.

I have all of his lectures downloaded as MP3’s and listen to them while driving my car. No matter how many times I play them I always learn something new and never fail to be entertained.

His messages is blunt and direct. Don’t poison yourself with what you eat. Don’t eat refined rubbish, don’t eat poisonous oils (anything except olive oil), no greasy, smelly fried food, and don’t believe the hype that saturated fat and cholesterol is bad for us. Here are some of his videos, enjoy!

How the foods you are eating are making you sick. Michael Rothman, MD. Full length.

Michael Rothman MD presents evidence that many mass produced foods are laden with ingredients that are unhealthy and over time, contribute to degenerative conditions. He also explains the benefits and necesity of cholesterol for any living organ, and why fruit is not good for people that are overweight. Compelling. Copyright 2011 Michael Rothman MD, video provided courtesy of Edward Cologna. Free distribution allowed, no part may be modified or used without consent. All images used with permission. Legal disclaimer: This video does not constitute medical advice and is presented as is for informational purposes only. All data presented have references.

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