What can we learn from a fat person? The Archie Luxury Weight Loss Program

Hi, Hans Ratzenburger here with another post about diet and weight loss.

One of the things that we often notice in advertisements and articles for weight loss and diet products, is that they feature a very fit looking man or woman and suggest that if you buy their product or service you can look the same as the models in the ad.

Readers of the Ratchet Diet website will know that we go against herd behaviour and refuse to be taken in by the glossy ads and the hype.

Here at the Ratchet Diet Clinic we believe that there is much to be learned from observing diet advisors who remain fat despite all of their knowledge and wisdom about weight loss.


Exercise helps but diet is what drives weight loss

In this post I will be displaying a selection of weight loss youtube videos from Archie Luxury. Archie is a man carrying what we politely call in the diet trade “a few extra pounds” and looking like he is in need of a serious physical makeover.

I say this not to bag the guy, but in a caring way as someone who is keen to analyse his diet, reverse engineer his program to see what makes his diet tick and then maybe come up with a few tweaks that will turn it into a system that actually helps a person to lose weight.   I believe that he may have inadvertently stumbled onto a diet that people could actually follow and stick to in the medium and long term.

I think the main tweak that I would make to the diet would be to refine it so that people following the diet actually lose weight.

So grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee and sit back and watch the following selection of videos.   And if you get any good tips and inspiration, feel free to bung Archie a few bucks to thank him for his hard work in producing these marvellous videos.

WARNING:   Archie is an Australian so you may here the occasional swear word used during some of these videos.   That is just the natural way that Aussie men talk and no offence is meant by it.



  1. Hey Hans,

    I have been following the ratchet diet for many years, I love being slim and healthy.
    Thankyou for your support


  2. Well spotted Hugh.

    I will add those videos to the post next time I am logged in.

  3. Here’s another one you missed. You’re getting as slack as Archie!


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