Exercise and Weight Loss – How useful is it?

I have almost lost track of the number of times people who are curious about the Ratchet Diet ask me if exercise plays a role in the diet.   The short answer is no.

The slightly longer answer is that everyone should be doing exercise no matter how much they weigh.  We all need exercise to keep our blood circulating and our muscles toned. But don’t expect exercise to help you lose weight.

Have you ever watched Sumo Wrestlers in action?

These guys are professional athletes training up to 8 hours a day. I am assuming that you apprentice Ratcheteers are probably holding down full time jobs. So how are you going to do 8 hours exercise per day, and even if you did, you could only expect to get your weight down to 150 Kilograms like these Sumo Wrestlers! Give me a break.

You signed up with the Ratchet Diet to lose weight. This program is not called the Ratchet Exercise Program !!!

Yes, by all means do exercises, but do it for the right reason. Do it to feel good, do it to get oxygen into your system, do it to get the blood coursing through your veins, do it to build muscle so you don’t end up being a weak, pathetic “girlie man” who gets sand kicked into his face at the beach.   But please don’t do exercise thinking that it will help you lose weight.

For the average person, all that you really need is to do plenty of walking, and that can be done by building it into your daily routine.   Park a bit further from work than usual and walk up the stairs instead of using lifts.

Some fat people even use dancing to keep fit. Check out this guy’s moves:

Although I probably admire this guy more because he is out there flaunting it and might “get lucky” and get some sympathy from one of the female dancers. Full marks for effort though!

The other exercises that are worth doing to maintain core strength and muscle mass are:

  • push-ups
  • pull-ups
  • crunches

If you haven’t done exercise for awhile, ease into these, but you really need to be doing these as a minimum.   Of course if you want to be a fitness fanatic, you could add in running, cycling and join a gym.

But again remember what I said earlier, these activities are nothing to do with the Ratchet Diet.   You can sit on your rear end watching TV, playing computer games or surfing the net for porn, and you will still lose weight on this program.

As Arnold Schwarzenegger would say ….   “Trust me !!”

So for your push-ups, I recommend that you watch what Scooby has to tell you. This guy is a living legend. He has forgotten more about exercise than most gym instructors will learn in their entire careers!

The next exercise is the pull-up (and/or chin-up). These are bloody hard to do and will take quite a while before you are pumping out 20 of them at a time. But they are a very valuable exercise to build your strength.

Finally Scooby talks about crunches and also adds some hard hitting shit about the 4 common Ab mistakes. He alos sinks the slipper into the weird ab contraptions that they try to sell to bleary eyed people on infomercials at 3AM in the morning. Enjoy!

Here is Scooby giving his some strong views about the mistakes people make with ab exercises

Remember.   Exercise is a really lousy way to lose weight.   You can eat calories a lot faster than you can burn them off, don’t even try to lose weight using exercise.     But as you lose weight from dieting you will get more energy and will actually start to enjoy exercise again and want to do activities that involve exercise.

But beware of over doing it. Some people go to extremes. They lose some weight, start walking again. Next thing they are putting on running shoes and training for a marathon. Is that smart? Check this guy out.

Run for your life! At a comfortable pace, and not too far: James O’Keefe at TEDxUMKC

Published on Nov 27, 2012

“The fitness patterns for conferring longevity and robust lifelong cardiovascular health are distinctly different from the patterns that develop peak performance and marathon/superhuman endurance. Extreme endurance training and racing can take a toll on your long-term cardiovascular health.  For the daily workout, it may be best to have more fun endure less suffering in order to attain ideal heart health.”
Dr. James O’Keefe Jr. is the director of Preventative Cardiology Fellowship Program and the Director of Preventative Cardiology at Cardiovascular Consultants at the Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute, a large cardiology practice in Kansas City. He is the co-author of four bestselling books including The Forever Young Diet & Lifestyle (Andrews McMeel Publishing LLC, 2005). In 1989, he became a professor of medicine at the University of Missouri – Kansas City and has contributed to over 200 articles in medical literature. He is also the chief medical officer and founder of Cardiotabs, a company that creates nutritional supplements to aid in a healthy lifestyle.

So keep dieting AND keep exercising.

The dieting will get you slim, the exercise will get you toned. So if you are a woman you could end up looking as trim and fit as this woman and if you are a man you could end up with a partner who looks as fit as she does.


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