Corset Training for a slimmer waist.

This post will probably be of more interest to my female readers.  The article discusses the pros and cons of Corset Training (also known as Waist Training), which is a method of getting a slimmer waist by restricting the upper torso using tight garments.

There is only one man I know who would try to get a slimmer waist by squeezing himself into a tight fitting black corset. His name is Big Tony, and he is a big, ugly, Aussie Computer Contractor who is based in London.   Most normal men would rather have the Mother of all beer guts than subject themselves to this sort of medieval torture to achieve the perfect body shape.

So what exactly is Corset Training?  I hear you ask.

Well,  according to Wikipedia, the earliest forms of waist training corsets did not become very popular until the 16th century when they were considered characteristic of fashionable dressing. They were popular up until the start of the French Revolution. These corsets were designed to shape the torso in the desired way. They squeezed the waist into a cylindrical form and had shoulder straps which finished at the waist. The torso was flattened, with the resultant pressure pushing the breasts upwards. (I can almost see a mental image of Big Tony in one of these garments and it’s not a pretty sight!!!!)

It is recorded that the aim of these corsets was to create a perfectly flat midsection while allowing for the curvature of the breasts.


Women are tempted to resort to waist training because they believe that it  can result in a waist reduction of up to five inches.

By using this method they hope to naturally, enhance the hourglass appearance of their body, while lifting their bust line which they hope will give them the appearance of firmer, larger breasts.   If they can pull this off it’s obviously a win/win result! What woman wouldn’t wan’t to have a smaller waist and larger firmer breasts. 


So what’s the catch?

Well here’s one for starters.   Readers of this blog know that one of the aims of The Ratchet Diet is to achieve a waist measurement that is 50% of your height.  That is not some arbitrary target.   The 50% waist measurement should be achieved by diet, because the aim is to remove the dangerous visceral fat that has accumulated around your mid-section.

Simply squashing your internal organs so that your waist is slimmer, without removing that dangerous fat is insane.



Some downsides of the practice are:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Fainting
  • Indigestion
  • Decrease lung volume
  • The liver is forced upward
  • Stomach volume is reduced
  • The intestines are compressed

Here is what a doctor wrote about the practice in  1869 in the pages of The Times of London:

Our old friend, tight-lacing, has again made his appearance. … The folly is one which was formerly to be found mainly in the drawing-room, but now it also fills our streets. It is lamentable to observe at every turn a woman, young or old, who moves forward in a stooping position, unable even to hold herself upright in consequence of the constraint upon the muscles of the back. … as medical practitioners, we see its effects every day in the train of nervous and dyspeptic symptoms by this it is constantly indicated, and in the still more grave internal mischief of permanent character which is often caused by it. Until some little physiological knowledge is made a part of female education, and is considered an “accomplishment”, we suppose it is of little use to protest against the cruel injury to health which women thus inflict upon themselves.

Hans recommends that you don’t waste your time with Waist Training.   Get a trim waist the natural way, with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise.

But I know how stubborn some of my readers are, so here are some videos about the practice of corsetry for you to go on with.    Just remember that I am not recommending it.

World’s Smallest Waist

After Waist Training

Day Time Corsetry

Waist Training with Alt-Noir Corsets – 30 Day Journey

Corset Training / Waist Training – (Unboxing & Review)

Corsets and Toilet Issues

Corset Enthusiast Shrinks Her Waist To An Extreme 16 Inches

Extreme Corseter Shrinks Waist From 38 to 23 Inches

Here is a guy who loves his work!





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  2. This is one way to get a slimmer waist that I never thought of. Looks a bit unhealthy to me.

  3. Hey Elaine,

    Thanks for your comment. I have been toying with the idea of using corset training to get a thinner waist but was worried about the potential physical harm. From what you say there is not as much physical harm as the fear mongers try to make out.


  4. It’s really difficult to get into, because your body is not used to it. However, it doesn’t really do harm as some people think.

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