This page has a selection of very useful videos that go a bit deeper into the science of nutrition, diet and attaining your ideal weight.

I just found this video. I highly recommend this video to anyone serious about weight loss.

Get Fit, Lose Weight, and Feel Great the Easy Way! | Dr. John Briffa | Full Length HD

A very interesting presentation on diet from a Microsoft engineer

Here is a great video about motivation

More videos below:

This video is not specific to diet, but it is about will power which is pretty darn important to someone trying to lose weight.


  1. Hans,

    I have some very good news. I passed several kilos of stool this morning after taking your advice to eat more fibre.

    As a result, I feel much lighter and cleaner, and there is a spring in my step.

    thank you once again for your sage advice.

    Aunty Doreen

  2. Hang in there Aunty Doreen. Don’t have a lap band operation. I have heard very bad things about the risks and complications of those. Stick with the Ratchet Diet. its working for me.
    Big Kev

  3. Hans,

    You look like a real winner with this diet. It must be so difficult coming up with all the fantastic knowledge and information for your posts.

    I know that I look forward to reading them and often check your website to see if a new post has gone up. It’s a lonely life being an obese widow living in a town like Bundaberg on a sugar plantation. Times are hard for me with people cutting back on sugar and switching to artificial sweeteners. There is not much profit left and with my weight problem I have to pay for farmhands to help me out.

    My only living relative is a selfish young nephew who went to live in London. He earns huge amounts of money doing something called computer contracting, and travels the world, but never comes to check on how his old Aunt Doreen is getting on.

    My doctor recommended that I should get a lap band operation to control my weight and I sent an email to my nephew, Tony in London. I am still waiting for a reply, and my doctor says that I am a prime candidate for Diabetes Type 2 if nothing is done soon. Meanwhile I heard that he was jet-setting around the world in first class visiting exotic locations in China.

    Thank God I found your site and The Ratchet Diet. I have dropped several kilos over the past few weeks and if this keeps up I will not need the bariatric surgery and will be fit enough to look after my sugar cane plantation without any extra help.

    If I can get back to the weight that I was when my dear departed husband took me up the aisle, I will be writing two emails. One will be to thank you for your fantastic work and advice, and the other one will be sending the famous Aussie two fingered salute to my miserable nephew Tony.

    With love,
    Aunty Doreen from Bundy

  4. Hans, I am originally from Bundaberg. I am a bit concerned that you advise people to quit eating sugar could have a very bad effect on the sugar cane industry in my home town. My aunty Doreen has one of the biggest cane plantations in Bundaberg and she would be devastated if the bottom dropped out of the sugar cane industry. What would you say to people like my Auntie whose livelihood depends upon producing and selling these unhealthy products like wheat and sugar that you warn your readers not to eat?

    • Barry you have raised an excellent point. What happens to the people producing the toxic sugar, wheat, corn and oil seeds? The answer to that is quite simple. These people are really no different to people who used to make big dollars growing tobacco. When we found out that tobacco was killing people, sales dropped and they had to stop growing the stuff. They had to switch to planting other crops. The same will happen to people like your Auntie Doreen. She just has to find another way to make money with her land.

  5. Some great videos on here Hans! Now all I need is a time management System to help me find the time to watch all the videos.

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