Diabetes here I come – Message found on Starbucks Customer Docket

Anyone who has grappled with being overweight knows that we are tempted every day with fattening foods and drinks.

You go on a coffee round and you really intended to order that zero-calorie long black coffee, but you end up ordering a fattening Frappuchino instead.   Or you go to McDonalds with the best of intentions of ordering their healthy salad, but you have a brain snap at the counter and order a Big Mac Meal and go large on the fries and the shake.

At times like this you probably wish that these shops had a code that made them print health warning messages all over their products, or failing that, print warning messages on the sales dockets that you get with your order.

Therefore I was very interested to see a news item where a gentleman purchasing a grande white mocha from Starbucks and found a note on his receipt saying:



This sounded like great news to me.   Finally the stores are developing a social conscience about their role in the growing obesity problems in the Western world.

I really hoped that this signified the start of a trend and that we would soon see similar notes appearing on food and drink purchases  from all of the other main food vendors.

Each purchase of a meal from McDonalds should have similar labels.

For example

“This burger was made from 100% pure ground beef, not packed full of unhealthy yellow lard like you!”


“Thank you for going large with this meal. We expect to see that you have gone large yourself on your next visit to our store. Have a nice day!”

But as I continued reading the news article, it seemed that this particular cusptmer was not happy with this new development in health promotion.

The article said that the man was shocked when his coffee cup returned with the health message on it.


The man complained that his two sisters both have type 1 diabetes.

Surly this is totally irrelevant.

My own father recently died of cancer.   So should I complain every time that I buy a packet of cigarettes and it has health warnings printed on it like this:

  ” Smoking may cause Lung cancer”

Here at the Ratchet Diet Clinic, we believe that tough love is the best approach for helping  overweight people.

There should be no safe spaces or evading of reality when we are trying to improve people’s health.   You can run but you can’t hide from the truth.

In the real world, you only begin to solve a problem when you admit to yourself that you have a problem.

I believe that people these days are getting just a little too precious when they are confronted about their own self-damaging behaviour.

We live in an increasingly PC world where the mere words “TRUMP 2016” spelled out in chalk on a university campus can send some people running away in tears looking for counselling and a shoulder to cry on.

I really hope that we will see many more of these messages appearing on food containers, receipts and dockets in coffee shops and fast food restaurants.


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