Sometimes the only way to get through to people is to speak bluntly

Being a diet guru can be a lonely and thankless job.

You spend many sleepless nights reading the latest scientific reports about nutrition and diet.  You pass up opportunities for vacations and social events because you are committed to watching thousands of hours of videos about the food, obesity and the human body.

You dedicate your life to becoming a food detective, tracing the production of food from the fields of corn blowing gracefully in the summer breeze right through the food chain until it comes out the end of the chain unrecognisable as an industrial object called a chicken nugget.

Having assimilated and distilled all this scientific knowledge, the diet guru then tries to share his wisdom with the masses of obese and unhealthy eaters who are surfing the net looking for a quick fix to their health problems.

But too often the wisdom of the dietician falls on deaf ears.   Sometimes the advice is too complicated for the short attention spans of the modern consumer, or maybe the means of delivery is just too corporate in its nature and too nice and pleasant in its approach.

That is why I have been planning a series of videos that will not pull any punches.

My new series of videos will be blunt, brutal and hit my readers right between the eyes.  These videos will probably offend some people.   But if that’s what it takes to get the message of healthy eating to my legions of readers, then so be it.


The following video is an example of the sort of thing that I am going to be producing in the very near future:

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  1. Hello, I tried calling you several times today, and I’m not getting through for some reason.

    I am desperate to lose weight and your website has loads of great advice. But I would like to organise a one on one session with you to get some more detailed advice and encouragement.

    Do you do private sessions or even clinics with small groups?

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