Skipping your way to optimum health

There are more and more studies that are confirming that doing exercise to lose weight is a big waste of time. One exercise specialist, John Glynn says it would take seven hours of walking every day for a week to lose just one kilogram and only then if the person ate no “bad” food the entire seven days. What a pain in the butt that news is to the dieter who wants to help the weight loss process along with a bit of exercise.


So why am I posting advice on how to skip rope for fitness?

Studies have also confirmed that exercise is very useful in keeping weight off once you have managed to lose it with diet.   Exercise also tones up your body, makes you feel good and can assist you in losing fat rather than muscle during the weight loss period.

Too many dieters become obsessed with losing weight and just counting the pounds or kilos lost, without considering whether a lot of that weight being lost is muscle mass.

There seems little benefit in losing so much weight that you are transformed from a bloated fat slob into an anaemic, skinny runt.

OK, so you are losing weight fast on The Ratchet Diet, but want to make sure that when you reach your weight loss target you still have some strength and muscle tone.   Don’t rush off and join a gym just yet.    A far cheaper option is to purchase a skipping rope.

Skipping is one of the most effective (and cheap) exercises that anyone can do.

Skipping (or jumping rope) is unlikely to lead to knee damage because the impact of each jump or step is absorbed by the balls of both feet rather than the heels.  This aspect of skipping decreases the ground reaction forces that damage knees and other joints in other fitness activities like running.

The accomplished skipper can achieve a “burn rate” of up to 700 calories per hour of vigorous activity, with about 0.1 calories consumed per jump.   Ten minutes of jumping rope is roughly the equivalent of running an eight-minute mile.

A great book on exercise which I would recommend to anyone serious about going past losing weight, into the realms of total fitness, is Hold it! Your’re Exercising Wrong, by Edward J. Jackowski.  This book is well worth investing in.



And here is the author of that book demonstrating how to use the skipping rope to kick-start your exercise regime starting today.

Hold It! you’re exercising wrong – Jumping Towards Fitness

John R Buonpane Producer/Director produced his first exercise video in 1995, Hold it! you’re exercising wrong, Volume I – Jumping Towards Fitness, for Edward Jackowski, Ph.D. Founder & CEO of Exude Inc.,  Americas premier motivational and one-on-one lifestyle fitness company.

Edwards medically proven, trademarked and patented fitness regimens based on body types are dramatically changing the way we look at exercise. In addition to inventing the worlds only patent for body type-specific exercise methods, his teachings and expertise has been chronicled in over 1,000 magazine articles, television shows, radio shows and websites both in the USA and internationally.  He wants everyone to jump rope because the many benefits with results that can be seen immediately. Jumping rope is the only exercise that streamlines your entire body, Edward says. Jumping rope burns fat throughout your entire body and works both the upper and lower body simultaneously. As a result, you will have better muscle tone and better muscle definition all over.

And bearing in mind that one size does not fit all, here is another tutorial that may be of interest to certain of my readers.

Jump Rope Tutorial for Beginners ★ Learn How to Jump Rope (quick and easy)


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  1. I am sick of the old style diet advice. The information on this site kicks you in the guts and makes you stick to a diet and finally lose the weight. Thank you Hans for your advice.

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