Should there be Safe Spaces for Obese People?

Hi, this is Hans Ratzenburger with another one of my posts on diet and weight loss.

A big trend these days is the concept of a “Safe Place”.  (Also sometimes known as a “Safe Space”)


There are many definitions of exactly what a Safe Space is but here is one I found on Wikipedia.  (Please feel free to add your own definition in the comments section at the end of this post if you have a better one)

A Safe Place is a place where anyone can relax and be able to fully express themselves, without fear of being made to feel uncomfortable, unwelcome, or unsafe on account of biological, sex, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, cultural background, religious affiliation, age, or physical or mental attributes.

The main application of Safe Places so far has been seen on American University campuses. As with most new social justice trends America leads the world on the implementation of Safe Spaces to protect vulnerable people from bullying.


Modern university students are very fragile creatures who are unable to deal with anyone holding a different viewpoint to themselves.

Due to several generations of politically correct education, many of today’s university students are incapable of wrestling with multiple points of view and then using analytical thinking to discriminate between these competing points of view.


What the modern student craves is an authoritarian figure or system to tell them which is the correct answer to any question so that they don’t have to engage their own brain in any sort of problem solving which might expose them to the possibility of being wrong.


So having defined what a Safe Place is, how do we apply this concept to our mission to help fat people deal with their problems?

This might surprise some of you but here on this website we don’t see the need to provide Safe Places for Fat People.

If anything, what you will find here on this site is a very Scary Place.  We achieve this by practicing a form of “Chalking”.

For those readers not up with the latest social justice trends, Chalking is the practice of writing the words “Trump 2016” all over the grounds in a university or a high school.   This can have the effect of traumatising vulnerable students who will then need counselling to recover from their ordeal. But here on this site we use a form of electronic chalking by saying to our patients every chance we get:     “You are Fat!  Deal with it!”.


So if you have come to this website looking for a safe space, then I have some really bad news for you:

“This blog is NOT A SAFE PLACE!  In fact it’s probably the direct opposite of a Safe Place!”

This Ratchet Diet website is a place where FAT PEOPLE come to find out how to lose weight so that they will cease to be FAT PEOPLE.  This is not a site for wimps and sissies who are afraid of seeing their own reflection in a mirror and facing up to the truth.

People come to this website to be confronted with reality and then motivated and inspired to turn their lives around.

This site cannot help you if you are stupid or ugly, there are other websites for that. But we CAN HELP YOU if you are FAT.  In fact the sole reason for the existence of this website is to help fat people.   If you are a fat person we can help you to change your habits. But you have to really want to change.

Anyone who has read articles or seen documentaries about alcoholics and drug addiction will know that the first step in curing any personal failing is to recognise that you have a problem.

If someone is smoking too much, getting drunk and beating up their family, taking drugs and then robbing banks to fund their addiction, the problem is not with society or their genes.  The problem is with themselves.

There are many facets to the problem of over-eating, but after a lifetime of studying fat people (starting with myself), I have discovered that the primary reason that more and more people are getting fat is because they are putting too much food into their mouth and then chewing it and swallowing it.   Nobody else is doing that to them, they are doing it to themselves.

Any tubster who is constantly complaining about being fat needs to walk into the nearest bathroom and look in the mirror.   That fat, bloated slob looking back at them is the person causing all of their obesity problem.

You can’t spend the rest of your life blaming Colonel Sanders and Ray Kroc for your weight problems.

When I was fat myself, I wasted a lot of my valuable time blaming the food manufactures, blaming my genetics, blaming my job, and blaming my familyfor my weight problems.  In fact I blamed everybody but myself.

But one day when I was pointing the finger at someone I noticed that three fingers were pointing back at me.   I was the bad guy.

That was when things changed and I started to look for a solution.

I knew then that I needed to lose weight but I soon found that it was easier said than done.

If it was easy to lose weight then more people would be successful at losing weight. Luckily I found the Ratchet Diet and have never looked back.    So forget the Safe Spaces and Safe Places.   What you need is a Safe Plate that has a moderate portion of healthy nutritious food on it.

If you would like to organise a Safe Space for Fat Folks in your organisation, here is a video that shows you how NOT to implement a Safe Place:

The opposite of a Safe Space for Fat People is the concept of Fat Shaming.

What the dietician is trying to achieve when they introduce fat-shaming as a motivational tool, is to apply a form of shock therapy to a fat person to break them out of a vicious circle of getting fatter.  This is a form of tough love but it is highly effective in gaining the trust and cooperation of fat people.

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