Skipping your way to optimum health


There are more and more studies that are confirming that doing exercise to lose weight is a big waste of time. One exercise specialist, John Glynn says it would take seven hours of walking every day for a week to lose just one kilogram and only then if the person …

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Is there a downside to losing weight?


For the average person who is obese or even merely overweight, losing the excess pounds and getting back to their old high school weight is the Holy Grail.   These people would beg, borrow or steal if someone could just wave a magic wand and make  all the surplus weight just disappear  …

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What are the best Dietary Fats to eat?


Any serious dieter needs to understand the types of fats that are present in the standard western diet and to know which types of fat need to be avoided or minimised in our diets. Some people fear all fats.   Many of the shelves in our supermarkets are stacked high with …

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The Men Who Made Us Fat


The overweight person fights a daily battle against two powerful foes. The first adversary is themselves. The fat person grapples with their own appetite and hunger for food. They try the latest fad diet and force themselves to eat less and exercise more but sooner or later they fail and …

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TOFI – Thin on the Outside, Fat on the Inside


One of my duties as a diet counsellor and nutritionist is to continually keep myself informed about the latest findings in the dieting and food arena. I need to be constantly reading learned articles, discussing various facets of diet with my work colleagues and watching hundreds of hours of lectures by other …

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Body Fat and the Ratchet Diet


People email or phone me and say, “Hans, I am sick of being fat! How can I lose some fat?” Usually I stop the conversation there and tell them that before we start talking about losing fat, we need to discuss the different types of fat.     And having done that, …

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Low Carbs or Low Fat?


The Ratchet Diet is a framework that enables a person to lose weight no matter what type of food they eat.   However the task of losing weight can be made much easier of the dieter is making the right choices in what foods to eat and what foods to leave …

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Sugar – The Sweet Poison


Sugar has often been called the Ku Klux Klan of the food industry, because like the Ku Klux Klan it is white and deadly.    Its fair to say that you will not see a sack of sugar riding around town in a pickup truck shouting out “Yee Haw !!!” while lighting …

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Welcome to the Ratchet Diet


Hi, My name is Hans Ratzenburger. I don’t know about you, but I find that most of the diets that I have tried out have been bloody useless. That’s why I decided to create my own diet The Ratchet Diet, and to open a  website where I could focus on all aspects of successful dieting. The Ratchet …

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