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Hi, Hans Ratzenburger here with another one of my posts about weight loss and diet.


Hans Ratzenburger

“Monday, Monday can’t trust that day, Monday morning it just turns out that way”

Those were the wise thoughts of the Mamas and the Papas back in the 60s and they are still relevant today.  You never know what Monday is going to throw at you.


So as another Monday morning loomed I decided to have a look at my situation on the scales and more importantly what the measuring tape tells me.

First lets get the weight out of the way.  It was the start of a new Ratchet Week so my Ratchet Weight would drop by a kilogram.

My new Ratchet Weight for the coming week would be 98 kilos.  So stepping onto the scales this morning I got this reading:   97.4 kilos.   I was under  my Ratchet Weight.  so far so good.

Now we turn our attentions to the tape measure.

If you will recall the objective of the Ratchet Diet is to achieve a Waist to Height Ration of 0.5.    So with my height of 182 Centimetres (6 feet or 72 inches) my target waist measurement is 91 Centimetres (36 Inches).

So opening my bedside drawer and retrieving the tape, I stand up straight and apply the tape measure.    I can see my reflection in the mirror so I am already prepared for the fact that things are not great.

Sure enough my measurement around my waist (or guts) is 113 centimetres.    This is the same as it has been now for over three weeks.

This stinks!

All of the hard work I am doing to lose weight and to maintain the weight loss that I have achieved but no pay back in the guts area.

WTF is going on?  This calls for a bit of research.

The human stomach is about the size of a fist when it is in a regular state.   My gut is more like the size of a medicine ball.  No, that is too flattering.  Its more like a giant sack of potatoes that has been attached to my chest and is hanging over my belt.


So this “fist sized ” object  is really  a muscle and has the ability to expand and contract when you eat food.   If you eat a huge meal your pants will feel tighter.   After you have digested the meal place, your stomach goes back down to its normal size, but you have not actually lost any weight.

But what about the size of my gut when I have not eaten for twelve hours?   Its still huge.  One of things that I have discovered over time is that fat is first deposited on your extremeties first as you get fat.   For example your hands and feet.    Therefore it will come off those places first on a diet and your guts will be the last to see any effect.


The sad fact of the matter is that your body will lose weight where it has weight to lose.

Some doctors will tell you that you will lose weight from the top down and the bottom up with the middle being the last to typically lose the weight.   Not what you want to hear!

You need to think about it.  People will already be complementing you about the weight loss in your face, and you will have to remember to suck in your gut so they don’t notice that there is no change there yet.

Women see a similar effect.    They will notice their boobs losing weight and also they will be losing weight in their legs.

Maybe you are tempted to try sit-ups, crunches, and any other muscle building exercise.  This is often done in an attempt to spot reduce.    Sorry folks it doesn’t work.   You will build muscle in the spots you are exercising but the muscle will be hidden under layers of ugly fat.    Those muscles will look fantastic when the fat burns off of those areas.   Trust me!


At the end of the day, how you personally burn fat will be based upon your own body makeup.

You need to stick to the program until all of the fat is removed from the extremities and eventually you body will get around to removing it from your mid-section

Nobody said it would be easy.

That’s all for now

Hans Ratzenburger

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