Massage – Your new secret weapon in the war against fat

Here at the Ratchet Diet we are always looking for new twists and wrinkles in the war against surplus weight.

Naturally we focus on restricting food intake, eating healthy nutritious meals, and plenty of healthy activity.

But what if there was another tool that we could use in our quest for weight loss.

Never fear because Hans has tracked down an almost painless technique that will make you feel better while melting away the surplus fat.

I am talking about massage.


Massage is a vital new weapon in your arsenal to fight the flab.

There are many benefits from massage.

1  Performing the massage uses up energy which helps to burn fat

2. Being massaged moves the subcutaneous fat deposits around helping to break them up and hopefully shift some of them to the blood stream where they can be flushed away.


3. A massage session with a member of the opposite gender often culminates in a torrid sexual encounter which burns even more fat as well as enhancing self-esteem and feelings of well being.

4,  While you are being massaged or providing a massage its very difficult to consume food.

5.  Massage of the stomach and mid-section helps to loosen blockages of fetal matter that could be stuck in your internal organs, so a strenuous massage can often be followed by a major bowel movement.


Yes the benefits of massage are numerous and go far beyond mere weight loss.

Hans is sold.  You should be too.



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