Low Carbs or Low Fat?

The Ratchet Diet is a framework that enables a person to lose weight no matter what type of food they eat.   However the task of losing weight can be made much easier of the dieter is making the right choices in what foods to eat and what foods to leave off the plate.

The diet industry has seen bitter fights in recent years between advocates for low fat diets and those pushing the benefits of low carb diets.


Low Carb or Low Fat?

Until fairly recently the odds have leaned heavily in favour of the people pushing low fat diets.  It seems like every second item on the shelves in our supermarkets has a label saying low or reduced fat.     Closer inspection of some of these items often shows that the fat has been reduced by bumping up the sugar content to make the food more palatable.

But advancements in nutritional science and feedback from scientific studies of the various diets has seen the pendulum swing in favour of the low carb diets.

The truth is somewhere in between.   In other posts on this site I have advised that the dieter cut or at least severely restrict the consumption of sugar and wheat.    By doing that the dieter is already well on the way to doing low carb, and the carbs being restricted are the bad ones.    By eating a healthy balanced diet containing meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and non-wheat grains like rice, the diet plans can be met as long as all the other components of the diet are in place.

Probably one of the most convincing proponents of the low carb mantra is Gary Taubes.

In the following lecture Gary blows the lid off the bad nutritional science of the last century, and answers the most important questions about why some people are fat and others aren’t.

And here Professor Tim Noakes slips the boot into the Low Carb paradigm.


This is a very useful BBC investigation into the Atkins Diet.  They start out fairly sceptical but by the end they are forced to admit that the Atkins Diet does work and works well.

They believe that the secret is the protein content of the diet.  Protein makes you feel full and stops hunger.   That means that when you follow a high fat / high protein Atkins like diet you lose weight automatically the way that nature intended without having to count calories or even portion sizes. I am sold !!!









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  1. I’m loving your advice Hans. The way you explain things leave me feeling more informed, empowered and a little less stressed than when I read anything else regarding diets.
    I already swapped bread for crispbreads that are gluten free before reading this site, that is a good change isn’t it?

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