Lose Weight By Drinking More Beer?

Could you really lose weight by increasing the amount of beer you drink?

The young lady in this video seems to think so.

The theory seems to be that if she drinks enough alcohol, the tendency will be for her to throw up and none of the high calorie amber fluid will find its way to her liver and from there into her fat stores.

It sounds a bit of an unhealthy way to manage your weight but it seems to be working for this young lass.

My advice.  Lay off the booze and go for a run instead!


  1. Hans Ratzenburger
    Hans Ratzenburger

    Big Tony,
    While I appreciate your input to the site, please try to remember that I like to keep The Ratchet Diet website as a “Safe Place”, where people of all shapes, sizes and orientations can come and chat and feel that they are amongst friends, free from any sexist, racist or homophobic comments and lame attempts at humour.

    I have approved your comment on this occasion, but please consider the feelings of the other members of this forum in future posts and try to keep things a bit more respectful.


  2. Hans,
    Now you are talking my language (hic). I like the idea of taking that blonde bird to one of my local bars, getting her plastered with about ten pints of England’s best lager and then taking her home to my pad for some TLC.
    Ha Ha, more of these posts dude!
    Big Tony

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