Is your food making you sick?

I started the Ratchet Diet with the intention of losing weight.   But, once you start looking into the whole area of diet, food and nutrition, you open a Pandora’s Box of nasty information about the food we have been eating, how it is produced and how we are conned into eating it.

A lot of the food that we eat in the Western world is not much more than toxic garbage.


We eat sugar that makes us fat and sick.

We eat Frankenstein grains that are refined into talcum powder before being reconstituted as “bread” and re-fortified with the vitamins that were extracted during the refinement process.

We eat Soy that was originally farm waste is now re-packaged as a health food.   Industrial oil that was turned into margarine and sold as a health improvement when the mainstream medical profession got together and agreed to demonise butter and all saturated fats.

Cardboard boxes full of industrial crap that fill the freezer cabinets of our supermarkets.   In many cases the dieter would be safer to eat the cardboard box and throw the contents of the box straight into the bin.

We are sold fruit 365 days a year from all corners of the globe. Yet we as a species would historically have only consumed fruit for a couple of months of the year at the end of Summer.   And the  fruit that we would have been eating hundreds of years ago would bear little resemblance to the hybridised and modified fruits of today. Modern fruit is over-loaded with dangerous fructose and is making us fatter. 

Pesticides are sprayed over our vegetables with no guarantee that all the residues can be totally removed before it lands on our tables and finds its way onto our plates.

Artificial sweeteners that are still at the experimental stages with no guarantees of the long term risks and health outcomes from any reliable clinical trials.

The list of dangerous and potentially poisonous foods is endless.

One advantage that the dieter has is that at least they will be eating less and minimising their intake of these contaminated and poisonous substances. (That is actually a handy way to re-frame the feeling of loss at having to cut down on your food intake)

I will be doing more investigation into this topic and reporting it here on this web site.   But in the meantime, Doctor Rothman is already ahead of the game on this, and anyone who is concerned about the sort of rubbish that they are putting into their body would be well advised to watch this guy in action.

WARNING:   This guy is from New Jersey and is a self-made man who rose from the boondocks and put himself through medical school before specialising in Nutrition.   So there are a few awkward non-PC moments in the video that could be construed by some to be sexist or racist.

To show what one commenter has to say in the Youtube replies (click on the image to read the text):


I would advise the viewer to ignore those few blips and concentrate on lapping up the distilled wisdom in the video.


 How the foods you are eating are making you sick. Michael Rothman, MD. Full length.

Uploaded on Apr 1, 2011

Michael Rothman MD presents evidence that many mass produced foods are laden with ingredients that are unhealthy and over time, contribute to degenerative conditions. He also explains the benefits and necesity of cholesterol for any living organ, and why fruit is not good for people that are overweight. Compelling. Copyright 2011 Michael Rothman MD, video provided courtesy of Edward Cologna. Free distribution allowed, no part may be modified or used without consent. All images used with permission. Legal disclaimer: This video does not constitute medical advice and is presented as is for informational purposes only. All data presented have references. Visit us Online for exclusive blog articles, wellness information & more videos.


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  1. It certainly makes it hard doesn’t it. I’ve been working on my diet for years and it seems as though I am constantly coming across conflicting information. Maybe by the time I turn 70 I will know what I should be eating!

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