I Don’t Need No Doctor! – What happens when diets fail?

As anyone familiar with this website would know, we believe that if you are prepared to follow the rules of The Ratchet Diet,  you WILL lose weight like night follows day.  That is beyond debate!  If you follow this diet you are going to LOSE WEIGHT!

But I am still finding overweight people who despite having the solution to their problems staring them in the face, are still trying to hedge their bets.   They want to shed the surplus baggage but are not ready to let go of their old life of eating and drinking anything in sight.

In their minds, if things get too far out of control there is always  Plan B … let the surgeon’s knife fix what the problem.

As readers of this website know I am passionate about health and weight management, so this attitude makes really makes me sad.   In fact it makes me downright angry!

You can only help people when they are ready to help themselves, so I have been scouring the net looking for some sort of video that I could use to put the fear of God into those people.

I want to literally SCARE THE SHIT out of them so that they take action before things get so bad that they have to get half of their guts sliced out by a surgeon.

There are plenty of documentary videos available on the internet that show bariatric surgery in vivid and gory detail, but these videos are far too long and the presentation is often too clinical, dry and boring to appeal to the demographic reading this site.

I have a suspicion that a lot of the people who I am trying to reach through this site are probably not going to sit through a two hour university lecture on obesity and lap band surgery.    I may be wrong, but that is just the feeling I get.

I needed a bariatric surgery video that was shorter, but still packed a punch in showing what happens if your overweight problem gets out of control and becomes morbid obesity.

So imagine my surprise when I happened across the Fat Doctor series.

These hour long episodes look at a different set of people each week and follow their journey into the operating room and back out the other side.  This is a brilliant show, and I will personally be watching every episode to learn as much as possible about this final resort for weight loss when everything else has failed.

For some of the people starring in these shows, its too late to go on a diet.

The freight train has left the station, the Fat Controller has thrown the switch and they have been shunted onto a side track that leads straight onto the super-sized operating table.

But why wait until you are under the knife before you decide to lose weight?

Using the Ratchet Diet you can lose 1 pound or half a kilo per week.   But you have to start doing that now, today.   If you leave it too late, you will reach a point where you have to  lose massive weight super fast or die.   By that time you will have no choice but to follow the doctor’s advice and have the operation.    Do you really want that?

All that I can recommend is that if you are overweight, obese, fat whatever you want to call it, and wondering if you should go on a diet, you should watch some of these shows and have a good think about the consequences of continuing to over-eat.

I really hope that watching these videos will give you some extra motivation to finally “Pull the finger out” and start dieting starting TODAY!

Fat Doctor Series 1 – Ep1 – Gary and Ricky

48 year old Gary Buckingham is turning to gastric bypass surgery as a last resort. He’s tried and failed to lose weight and at 26 stone, his health is starting to suffer. His biggest fear is that he won’t live to see his children grow up. But will Gary go ahead with surgery when he’s told on the morning of his operation that he has a 1 in 10 chance of not pulling through? And we meet the man whose life was saved by gastric bypass surgery. At 46st, Ricky Carter was so incapacitated by his size, he had to carry his 8st stomach on a trolley.

Fat Doctor Series 1 – Ep2 – Martin and Daniella

At a whopping 35st, Martin Gibbs is super morbidly obese… and so too is his 32st sister, Daniella. But Daniella has just had gastric bypass surgery – and already the results are staggering. Will Martin keep it in the family by also going under the knife to lose weight? Also, Fiona Solman’s life has been transformed by her 13st weight loss. She reveals her new slim figure… and how it has helped her confidence in her new vocation as a vicar.

Fat Doctor Series 1 – Ep3 – Amanda Beere

Amanda Beere weighs an astonishing 40 stone. After successfully losing weight 2 years ago, Amanda has since then gained a shocking 26st. She’s been told that unless she loses weight soon, she’ll be dead within the next 5 years. At just 41 years old, she has no life… and no future. She can’t walk and she can’t even fit in a car. Her children are her carers and even have to help her wash and go to the toilet.

Fat Doctor Series 1 – Ep4 – Rachel & Ana

Rachel Barrass is only 23 years old and already weighs over 25st. She has endured a lifetime of abuse and bullying because of her size – but despite her desperate efforts, she can’t lose weight. Can an operation help give her the figure she dreams of? 34 year old Ana Pita visits Shaw Somers’ clinic for her pre-operative assessment. But Shaw is alarmed when he sees how much weight Ana has put on since her last appointment… and has some shocking news for her And we meet the 48st father who had only months to live before his weight loss surgery.


Fat Doctor Series 1 – Ep5 – Carol, Kathleen and Jeff  

Carol Flynn weighs 27st and her health is deteriorating rapidly. Her family fear that she is dying before their eyes but are anxious about her resorting to surgery. However, Carol believes it is the only option for her and is eagerly awaiting her consultation with Shaw Somers.
28 year old Kathleen Brown is desperate for weight loss surgery. At 21 stone she’s tried every diet under the sun but nothing works for her. She’s desperate to have a gastric band fitted round her stomach to help her lose weight, but she can’t get NHS funding for the operation. As a last desperate measure Kathleen’s mum is turning the basement of the family house into a flat and selling it, in a bid to raise the £7,000 needed to pay for a private op. But will the band be as successful as Kathleen hopes? And we meet Jeff O’Shea. He’s so thrilled with the gastric bypass surgery that’s helped him shed 15stone – he’s had the date of the operation tattooed on his arm as it’s the day he believes he was reborn.

So, for those who left it too late, go to the your GP and start the process to see the Fat Doctor before it’s too late.

For those who are merely overweight or just slightly obese, take the advice of Beth Hart  and tell the naysayers and the medical profession  …….  I Don’t Need no doctor!


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