How to lose weight by not eating bread

It almost breaks my heart when one of my devoted Ratcheteers, approaches me at a boot camp or seminar and says:  “Hans! I am following the step by step instructions that you laid out for me, and I am losing weight faster than a leper in a wind tunnel, so would it be OK if I went back to eating bread and other wheat based foods?”


The answer is always a resounding NO!   Bread, cakes, muffins, crumpets, rolls, biscuits, cookies, baguettes and all the other wheat based products are kicked into touch by this Ratchet Diet.   (For non anglo-saxon readers of this blog, the term “kicked into touch” is a Rugby football phrase that means when translated into English … YOU CANT EAT ANY WHEAT BASED PRODUCTS ON THIS DIET !!!!!!!!)

Some of the reasons you shouldn’t be eating any wheat are:

  • Wheat spikes your blood sugar rapidly followed by just as rapid drops that stimulate your  hunger so you need to eat more food.
  • Wheat contains phytic acids that actually leach important nutrients like  zinc, iron, magnesium and calcium  out of your body and also and prevent them from being absorbed.
  • Wheat is loaded with gluten and many people cant even digest gluten
  • Studies have shown consumption of wheat to be associated with various brain disorders.
  • There are some theories that wheat may actually be addictive.  This is based upon the fact that when gluten proteins are broken down they can form peptides that can stimulate your opioid receptors
  • Some studies have shown that wheat raises levels of LDL, which is the “bad”) cholesterol.  High levels of LDL are associated with a greater risk of heart disease
  • Bread Breeds Belly Fat
  • Wheat eaters tend to eat more than non wheat eaters
  • Allergy to Wheat
  • Celiac disease (Nobody will want you around if you get this, You will experience flatulence, cramping, bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, nausea, vomiting,and abdominal pain)
  • Dermatitus Herpetiformis (Believe me you don’t want this!  You will be covered in rash and blisters and be scratching like a hound)
  • Exercise-Induced Wheat Anaphylaxis ( this is a serious allergic reaction that is very rapid in onset and may cause death)

So take a listen to to William Davis, author of Wheat Belly.



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  2. Oh no, I usually try to avoid bread as a side serving which is a bad UK habit but I can easily fall in to the trap of toast or a sandwich for lunch. I am going to sit down and plan ways around bread and anything related and cereals.
    I’ve dieted and fought with my body weight to the point of breaking, even keeping weight after doing 5 hours of hard high cardio and weights included. Time to change!

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