Funny Little Fat Man – A Tribute to David Bowie

With the recent passing of David Bowie, I found myself re-living some of the great achievements of the Thin White Duke over the decades.

As with any genius, the list of his great songs and videos is monumental and makes a mockery of any attempt to rate or categorise the huge body of work.

But as a person interested in weight, obesity and the way that “fatness” is perceived and how the fat person is often seen as fair game for derision and ridicule in the media, I found myself zeroing in on the guest appearance that Bowie made some years back in the British TV comedy, Extras.

I remember watching this episode with tears literally streaming down my face with laughter when Ricky Gervais finally managed to get inside the VIP area at a night club and gain access to his hero David Bowie, only to have Bowie mock himmercilessly in front of friends and stranger with a song called Funny Little Fat Man.

It’s always good to see these huge stars showing that they are ready to take time out from their busy schedules to have a laugh.

Here is the video, enjoy!

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