Forget Scooby Snacks … It’s time for a Scooby Pullup!

Following a recent post about man boobs, one of my trainees who is based in London, England contacted me and said he wanted some advice about how to reduce the size of his man boobs.    This chap is living a very unhealthy life in London, eating all the wrong foods, drinking alcohol like its going out of fashion, and sitting at a desk all day.

Tony (not his real name), emailed me and literally begged me for some tips and advice for an easy way for him to get back to the sort of fitness he used to have when he helped on his Auntie Doreen’s cane sugar planation as a gangly teenager.

I immediately thought of my old mate Scooby.   This is a man who despite being quite long in the tooth, has not a hair on his chest, and the only boobs he has on display are taut, toned and bronzed (or was that red?).    Who better to inspire Tony in his quest for fitness and health?

Anyway I digress.    I have decided to do this post and show some Scooby pullup and chinup videos.    I have probably learned everything that I know about the methods and techniques for doing pullups from watching these Scooby videos.

So  who knows?   These videos might just inspire Tony to stop his boozing and frequenting the cheap, sleazy strip joints of London, and finally get serious about diet and exercise.

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