Why being Fit and Fat trumps being Slim and Unfit


This is Hans Ratzenburger with another article featuring my own brand of “Tough Love” for people who want to “drop a few pounds” and become the man or woman of their dreams.

Losing weight is hard work.  Becoming slim is hard work.  So it is hardly surprising when my students come to me and say “Hans!, I am carrying a few extra pounds, but I am pretty fit for my age.  Do I really need to lose weight?”


Those are the sort of questions that any diet counsellor hates to get.   I want my students to keep to their diet plans and get to their ideal weight.   I don’t want to give them any excuse to take the foot off the accelerator and see the pounds start creeping back. 

But the reality is that there is a lot more to health and fitness than a few numbers on a set of scales.    The science of fitness does not stand still and new studies are finding that carrying a “few extra pounds”  is not the bogy man that we once all thought it was.

It may be the case that we can carry a bit of extra baggage and still be fit and healthy.


These studies are increasingly showing that overweight and moderately obese patients with certain chronic diseases often live longer and do better than normal-weight or thin patients with the same illnesses. 

For example one study found that the heavier dialysis patients had a lower chance of dying than those whose were of normal weight or underweight.

There have also been observations of heavier patients with coronary disease who have fared better than their fellow patients who were thinner.

In fact it now seems that mild to severe obesity poses no additional mortality risks.


Why is this so?    We don’t really know yet and health experts are actively searching for explanations.

The Cooper Institute in Dallas had been investigating this whole area and their findings are that  being fit and fat appears to be a healthier option than being thin and unfit.

By doing regular aerobic exercise, even when that exercise does not lead to weight loss, appears to strengthen the heart and reduce the levels of dangerous fat in the liver.


The only thing that seems to be emerging is that weight related health issues follow a J curve where the dangers occur at the extremes.     It seems that the biggest risks of death occur at the extremes at each end of the weight spectrum.

Being morbidly underweight or severely obese puts you into the danger zone.

The judges are still out on what is being called The Obesity Paradox but most experts are in agreement that maintaining fitness appears to be more important than just being skinny and unfit.

As cardiologist Carl Lavie, M.D., with the John Ochsner Heart and Vascular Institute in New Orleans, says  “Maintaining fitness is good and maintaining low weight is good. But if you had to go off one, it looks like it’s more important to maintain your fitness than your leanness.”

But theory is all well and good. What about some examples? I have scoured the net looking for an example of a woman with a fuller figure who exemplifies the theory that you don’t have to be an anorexic super model to have fun and be fit and healthy.


The following videos are going to demonstrate to my viewers that carrying a bit of   extra padding,  is not an excuse to just sit on the sofa with the remote eating crisps and knocking back the red wine from a cask.   If you have a bit of extra weight and some healthy “assets” to go with it then it’s time to get off your rear end and up on the dance floor.

The amply endowed woman in this video does not let a few extra pounds stop her from wrapping her hands around the nearest pole available

And check our these larger ladies shaking their thang. There is little doubt that some of these women could probably afford to do drop a few pounds, but in the meantime, they are out their Getting Physical and showing they are no strangers to the pole.

These young ladies are an inspiration to all of us dealing with the challenge of losing weight and getting fit.

A happier medium is this sassy lady who is not fat, but is carrying a few more pounds than is trendy in this day and age. But full marks to her for deciding that if you’ve got it why not flaunt it.    She is obviously in the peak of health and fitness for a woman at her current age and weight.

Bravo !!!

These videos should be an inspiration to anyone who thinks that they have to wait until they are a size zero dress size before stripping down to their sexy undies and strutting their stuff on Youtube.

Dreamworld – Movin Up

Kylie Minogue Megamix feat QT Ellis

QT Ellis – 80’s Dance Megamix

Yeah 3x Chris Brown feat QT Ellis

Take That – Could It Be Magic ? feat Qt Ellis

And just in case you think its only the ladies who can strut their stuff, check out this guy:

Fat Man In Speedo – Step Class Dance Funny

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