Should I just stop my Diet and join a Fat Man’s Club?

Boy this dieting is sure hard work.  I remember when I first created the Ratchet Diet how hard it was getting used to the restrictions and self-discipline needed to make any diet work.   When we are following the Ratchet Diet we need to comply with the following restrictions:

  • Zero Alcohol (ZA)
  • Zero Sugar     (ZS)
  • Zero Grains   (ZG)

And our daily food can only consist of:

  • Optifast Shakes
  • Optifast Bars
  • Low Starch Vegetables
  • Butter

These guidelines are not onerous.   Anybody could comply with them but temptations are always around the corner.     .

When we are tempted to backslide we need to remind ourselves why we started this diet in the first place.   Well one reason that I started trying to lose weight was so that I could wear speedo bathing trunks on the beach and turn people’s heads in admiration


Not everybody can pull off the speedo look

I wanted to get rid of my beer gut so that I would be able to wear slim-line sexy body shirts like this:


Do you have the body to wear this body shirt?

Or even to strut my stuff at Electronic Music Concerts with my shirt off like this gentleman.


The “In Look” for Electronic Music Festivals

With a few weeks of warm weather still remaining I would have been able to flaunt my new beach body at the coast and make an impression on hot bikini babes:


Are you man enough to win the charms of one of these beauties

And eventually once I had achieved my target weight I hoped to be able to date attracvive women like this.


Only “Real Men” need apply for this position

But there were times in those early days when I felt that I was not making the progress that I expected.   I sometimes felt like giving up dieting altogether and finding an alternative solution to my problems.

I seriously considered looking for a Fat Man’s Club to join or even possibly setting up my own Fat Man’s Club.

These clubs were very popular back in the last century.   Essentially they were for men who had decided not to buckle under to the harsh judgement of society about their large sizes.  So they formed clubs where Fat was Flaunted.


The Fat Man’s Club

These men were often pillars of their society and it probably helped that they were built like pillars.   These Giant Gentlemen would met at their Fat Club and compete for the prize of who was the heaviest man and who had the biggest gut.


Biggest Gut of the Day

They would then tuck into 7 or more courses of rich foods washed down with giant beakers full of wine and beer.

Sadly, there are not many of these Fat Men’s Clubs around these days.  That is unfortunate because that leads to situations like this where a fat man in a loud shirt is banned from entry to a club. Things turn very ugly as a result.

Maybe I should be joining them?   Or another alternative would be to fly to the USA and compete in this Beer Belly competition.

But having given it due consideration I think maybe not.  Maybe I will just stay on my diet and maintain my a healthy weight.  After all its not just about appearances.   The end game of dieting is to be at a healthy weight that allows us to enjoy life to the full in abundant health.

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