Fat Man Accused of Affair with Transgender Taxi Driver

Life is bad enough when you are fat. You really don’t need to make it more complicated by being falsely accused of having an affair with a transgender taxi driver. But that is exactly what happened to the young man at the centre of this story.

It all seems to have started out as a simple misunderstanding.

It would appear that the Fat Fornicator at the centre of the problems is a real ladies man, having been married 6 times in his 45 years on the planet. He obviously does not let his ample girth prevent him slipping his one-eyed trouser snake into his female companions  whenever the opportunity arises.

Although this Giant Gentleman is far from being God’s gift to women in the looks department, he makes up for that with his gift of the gab that enables him to charm his way into the pants of his willing female partners.

Although the title of the video refers to him as being “Too Fat to Work”, something is obviously working in the trouser department and working overtime if his track record is to be believed.

But in this particular case the green-eyed demon of jealousy has muddied the waters.  His wife is no oil painting and  recognises that her husband is a piece of hot property that other women want to get their grubby hands on.


No oil painting

Because of her insane jealousy she has been doing a bit of snooping around on social medial to keep tabs on him and become a bit of a pest in harassing the beautiful blonde who she claims has been trying to steal her man.

She is convinced that he is putting it about in more ways than one and possibly even putting it into places where it was never meant to go.

In her jealous frenzy she has fingered an innocent transgender taxi driver as the “other woman”.

A beautiful and innocent woman fingered by a vengeful fat woman for a crime she did not commit

A beautiful and innocent woman fingered by a vengeful fat woman for a crime she did not commit

The British TV personality Jeremy Kyle has found out about this and has stepped in with his crew to get to the bottom of the situation.

As the story unfolds it becomes clear that our Rotund Romeo has been chasing after his transgender sweetheart trying his best to get into her jockey shorts and find out what she is made of.

But it would appear that in this particular case his charms have fallen on barren ground.   He might as well have had his love gun loaded with blanks.

He has waved his magic wand at the object of his lust but the magic has fallen like fragile snow flakes on a blistering hot tarmac.     His dreams of a romantic liaison with the sexy taxi driver have not been realised.     He’s got the right string baby but the wrong yo-yo.   The taxi engine is running and the meter appears to be switched on, but the his lovely transgender babe has not  flapped open the doors of her love bug to let him in.

She had the engine running and the meter on but had not flapped her doors open for him yet

She had the engine running and the meter on but had not flapped her doors open to let him enter

It finally got to the point where the host of the TV show had to connect up the Corpulent Couple up to Lie Detectors to find out who was telling the truth.     It soon became evident that both of them were full of more bullshit than a cattle farm and that the jealous wife had been stalking the innocent cabbie and making her life miserable for no sound reason.

It was now clear that there was at least one very large elephant in the room, possibly more than one.  In fact it was starting to feel more like a safari park than a TV studio.

At this point the host had had a gutful of these Plus Sized Liars and ordered the both of them off his TV show.   It was crystal clear that the transgender taxi driver was the innocent party.   The whole thing had been one big cock-up.

The problem with these sorts of accusations is that they are much easier to make than to defend against.

If we look at the current election process in the USA.   Hilary Clinton has been accused of keeping classified information on an insecure server.    Easier to accuse her of this than it is to prove and when you are dealing with a professional liar, good luck getting her to admit anything.    We also see Bernie Sanders accused of sending violent protesters to the Donald Trump rallies to disrupt them and cause havoc.   Difficult to prove without a paper trail.    And Donald Trump has been accused of stirring up trouble yet there appears to be no evidence so far with much of the mainstream media happy to distort any messages about him and compare him to Hitler or Mussolini.

So it is unsurprising that when the ordinary fat man or transgender taxi driver in the street are accused of something it is even harder for them to defend themselves without the vast resources of the Clintons, Sanders and Trumps of the world.

So my point to you readers of this blog is this.   We are cursed by this problem of weight.  Sorry lets be blunt.  We are cursed by the problem of being fat bastards and desperately want to change.    Meanwhile life goes on and we are not prepared to live the celibate lifestyle while we try to lose weight.   We all have major challenges to overcome in losing the weight and getting back to a fit and healthy weight.     But don’t let being fat become an excuse to bully or harass other people who don’t share your problems.

In the case we have discussed above, the problem all started because a morbidly obese woman was worried that her husband had fallen in love with a beautiful blonde business woman.

The fat lady was not singing, far from it.   She was hurting inside and living in fear that she would lose her cuddly partner to her transgender love rival.    This “other woman” posed a formidable threat because she seemed to have everything that our fat housewife did not have.   She knew that she was competing with a woman who had a slim sexy figure, a beautiful face, long blonde hair, a set of testicles and a penis.    How could a homely English woman, a mere country lass carrying a “few extra pounds of fat”  hope to  compete against that heady and exotic combination?

She feared that she was about to lose the love of her life and perhaps she went to far in trying to keep him.


It was all a mix up and this young, loving couple will be bigger people as a result of this experience.

Hopefully there have been lessons learned all round and all three of the people involved are now bigger people than before.    Although in the case of the fat couple maybe being bigger was not on their wish list.    Anyway, the problem has been solved.



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