What are the health risks of being overweight?

As my chubby fingers fly across the keyboard typing this post, I am reminded that the primary target of this website and most of the posts on it is me, Hans Ratzenburger!   Fat is not always beautiful and fat is not always fun.   The jolly fat man is often only a stroke or a heart attack away from being the jolly dead man.  Just ask John Candy!

So I thought it was time to tackle head on, the unpleasant subject about how being fat is not just a laughing matter, its actually killing you.    After all, I don’t want to become just another statistic and I am sure that neither  do you!


So what are the risks to our mortality from being fat?   Well here are just a few to get us started:

  • Being fat can give you diabetes.  You really don’t want that.   You will be injecting yourself more often than a junky with his won heroin factory, but you wont be getting high.
  • Being fat is going to give you some major musculoskeletal disorders, like osteoarthritis which is an extremely isabling degenerative disease that affects your joints.  You will not only die, but you will be walking on sticks or a frame towards your demise.
  • Heart disease.   The fat man suddenly clutching his heart and keeling over dead on the floor is almost a cliché in your average B grade TV soap opera.
  • Stroke.   There are different strokes for different strokes but the sort of stroke that a fat man (or woman) gets is not fun.  What happens is that a vessel carrying blood to  your brain suddenly becomes blocked or even bursts and this is going to leave your brain deprived of the essential oxygen and nutrients that it needs to survive.   Within minutes your brain cells begin to die, often followed not much longer by you.
  • A whole list of cancers the most well known ones like breast, and colon.   You really want to be doing anything within your power to avoid these babies,

Another thing that is often forgotten when talking about death, morbidity and fat people is the risks to the live of other people posed by these large objects.

Take for instance the case of the woman who was so fat that she set a building on fire while they were trying to cremate her.

Dead obese woman had so much body fat she set the building on fire during her cremation

Austrian crematorium officials have blamed a deceased woman’s obesity for causing a blaze which had to be tackled by firefighters.

Firemen in the southern city of Graz were covered in thick sticky soot as they tried to prevent the blaze from taking hold of the building.

The case has been widely reported in Austrian media, including in the ORF – the country’s equivalent of our BBC – and has ignited calls for a weight limit on bodies to protect against future fires. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2154897/Dead-obese-woman-body-fat-set-building-cremation.html#ixzz36dhEOeP8 Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


Fireman struggling to deal with backdraft from cremation of fat woman

Fireman struggling to deal with backdraft from cremation of fat woman

So the message for today from Hans is that fat is a serious matter.   Being fat is killing your and the time to deal with it is now.    I apologise if this has been one of my more sombre and serious posts, but it was one that had to be done.

A final thought, before I close this post. If you are the partner of a fat person, it could be handy for you to know a bit of first aid, in particular how to do CPR. Here is a public service video that gives you a laypersons guide to doing CPR.

So keep dieting and get down to that sensible and save weight sooner rather than later.



  1. Hans, thank you for yet another informative and entertaining post

  2. Bravo! What a great article. I think you have hit the ball right out of the park with this post.

  3. Hans,
    I am trying hard to follow the Ratchet Diet, but my work as a contract Project Manager distracts me. I have to drink several pints of beer most lunch times just to get through my stressful day and I eat all the unhealthy salty chips and peanuts with the beer. Any suggestions for how I can break out of this downward spiral?

  4. It worries me how many risks there are with being overweight. I have put on about 25 pounds over the past decade. I don’t eat junk food and don’t drink alcohol, but just eating the typical American diet has seen me gradually add on the lard around the middle. I am loving all the good advice on this blog and will be going on a very strict diet this week.

  5. You have done it again!!!! I was almost about to eat a cream cake when I remembered this site. Thank you Hans. The cake is now in the rubbish bin and my diet is still on track.

  6. I have been both educated and stimulated by this post. Very informative. Please keep these great articles coming

  7. OK you have sold me!
    The health risks or being overweight are too risky to ignore.
    How do I sign up for the Ratchet Diet?

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