Could You lose 100 pounds of Fat?

Is it really possible to lose 100 pounds (Approximately 50 kilos) of weight? To those of you struggling with obesity and who have struggled with one fad diet after another it might seem like an impossible dream to shed that many pounds.

But it can be done.

In this post I pay tribute to the people who have “walked the walk”, and lost the weight.

These are people who stepped up to the plate and knocked the food off it onto the ground.

So without any further ado, here are a small, hand-picked set of videos from some of my favourite weight loss champions.

30 POUNDS LOST! 165 pounds. weight loss!

My 100 lb Weightloss Journey

Weight Loss Before and After Pictures Chapter #1

How I Lost 100 Pounds!!!!

My 100 lb Weight Loss Journey

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  1. I started using the Ratchet Diet a week ago. I have lost just over 3 pounds so far. How can I tell if its just water or real fat loss?
    thanks, georgianna

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