Boxing – The Noble Art of Weight Loss

Boxing is probably the best sport that an overweight person could take up to fast-track their weight loss, improve their physical condition and improve their self-esteem and mental well being.

The benefits of boxing in a well rounded weight loss system are almost too many to list, but I will do my best in this post to cover some of them.

Boxing is a high intensity exercise and will quickly get the overweight person into anaerobic state where they will be burning fat at an astounding rate.

It is not unknown for a boxer to lose up to 3 kilograms during a ten round boxing match. And the weight loss doesn’t end there!

Because the activity is so extreme, a “fat burner” effect is put into motion.  This means that the boxer will continue to lose weight after the match is over.

This is true even if the boxer is in a coma after the fight as a result of being knocked unconscious.

It has to be said that this is truly one of the few weight loss techniques where the fat person is losing weight even while flat out on his or her back.

Another fantastic benefit of the fight game for the overweight person is that it is an exercise that comes with it’s own built in discipline to ensure that the fat person is “keeping with the program”.

Most dieters will have tried the other methods of exercise such as walking, running or maybe even joined a trendy gym. But with all of those forms of exercise it is too easy to cop out and not complete a session of exercise.

For example a fat person might go on a 30 minute walk, but then feel a few spits of rain on their head and decide to hop on the next bus, cutting their exercise short.

Let’s face it, will power is not one of the overweight person’s strongest suites.

Or a young gentleman wanting to make serious inroads into his weight loss, joins an expensive gym, buys all the designer gym clothes and gets trained on all the complicated machines.

Day one and the keen gentleman is well into an intensive workout session when without warning a ladies aerobics class starts up right in front of his Nautilus station. Now the fat exerciser is confronted with the sight of a line of ladies’  lycra-clad bottoms moving backwards and forwards to a throbbing beat right under his nose.

The focus on his own workout has been lost.

Not only has the fat person’s training session been brought to an early end, there is also a  real risk of  sustaining serious injury when using gym equipment without having 100% concentration.

In a boxing match there is little likelihood of the weight-loss wannabe losing concentration.

The build up to the fight starts in the dressing room. The trainer will have strapped the boxers hands and put the gloves on and these are laced up tight.  The boxer could not get them off himself if he tried.

The trainer, who is usually a grizzled veteran with a nose at right angles to his face, will then tell the boxer some fairly unpleasant war stories about his opponent in the coming fight.

These stories usually involve previous bouts in which challengers much tougher than the fat guy, were beaten into a bloody pulp and woke up in intensive care with an oval shaped piece of gristle where their face used to be and the IQ of a cabbage.

With the gloves on, and the trainer’s pep talk over, a fan fare of music will now be blasted out over the speakers and its time to walk from the dressing rooms to the boxing ring.

The fat boxer will probably be wearing a dressing gown as large as a circus tent and will present an unforgettable sight as he dances his way towards the ring.

The din of the crowd mixed with the wailing music will have the adrenalin coursing through his veins.   The obese boxer’s heart will be pumping and he will already be breathing hard by now, sucking in oxygen.     He will be sweating profusely.

The fight has not even started and the novice boxer is already burning calories and losing weight!

Upon entering the ring a reinforced stool will be provided and the fat boxer gets some final words of advice from his trainer.  Then its time for the referee to call both fighters over for some preliminary instructions about the way he wants the fight conducted.

Then comes the call “seconds out”, the dressing gowns are removed, the boxers rise to their feet and the stools are whisked away. The referee asks the boxers to touch gloves, the bell is rung and the fight is on.

Now the fat boxer is involved in the most intense form of exercise known to man.    He is 100% committed until the bell rings to end the round.

The fat boxer is throwing punches left and right,   Jabs, feints, right and left crosses, hay makers, and girly powder puff swipes at his opponent’s face and body. The majority of the novice fighter’s punches are missing by miles and he may well go through the entire round without even landing a blow on his opponent.   But the beauty of this noble sport is that the fat gentleman is burning through calories like there is no tomorrow.

And there is no chance of the fat boxer being distracted by a few spits of rain or the sight of partially clad females while he is locked in a life or death battle with a formidable opponent intent on beating the piss out of him.

If the only benefits of boxing were the prodigious amounts of fat burned off throwing punches at his opponent, then boxing would already beat most other exercised hands-down.

But a further benefit is that his opponent will be beating the living crap out of him with an almost endless succession of heavy blows to his mid-section.    As each punch lands in his solar-plexus with the force of a jack hammer, those pesky, stubborn, hard to shift fat deposits in his abdomen are being tenderised like a steak.

It is a well known fact that even the best diet and exercise regime can often fail to shift those elusive deposit of fat in the abdomen. These are the fat deposits which encase many vital organs and are recognised as being the most metabolically active fats in the obese person’s body.

The horrific pounding of these fat deposits breaks the fat tissue down better than any massage could ever do.

So this is a win/win situation for the eager overweight boxer who is keen to lose fat as quickly as possible.

As Friedrich Nietzsche once said “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”

After a few full-on boxing matches our fat person will now be unrecognisable,
He is now leaner and fitter.   A minimum of five kilograms will have been lost, maybe even ten!.

There is a bounce in the step of the fat boxer, because he knows that if he gets into an altercation with a bad guy on the streets or in a bar, he may still lose the fight but he will be able to absorb any punishment that might handed out to him with grace and dignity.

His face is leaner even gaunt, and where he used to have a fat gut, his shirt is pulled tight across a midriff as flat and hard as a washboard.

Yes boxing is truly the Noble Art when applied to losing weight!


  1. Hello, I weighed myself this morning and I had put on nearly one kilogram. Went to the toilet with the newspaper and had a giant dump. Took three flushes to clear the toilet bowl. Re weighed myself and I still weighed exactly the same. No justice in this world.

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  8. Hans, you left out another way that Boxing can help you lose weight.

    What about when you get your jaw broken and you spend the next month eating your food through a straw? I bet that would help in losing weight 🙂

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